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You are not alone. Most people at some point in their lives benefit from specialized support. Individual therapy can improve emotional well-being and relationship skills. If you are feeling stuck or having a difficult time adjusting to life's changes, therapy can help. It can help by increasing personal resilience and decreasing interpersonal conflicts. The benefits of good mental health include heightened productivity in all areas of life resulting in fewer overall medical problems and less missed days at work.


Recognizing you need help is the first step, many couples wait far too long. Couples can become locked in unhealthy response patterns. These patterns can create emotional distance resulting in decreasing intimacy and trust. The good news is this is treatable. Therapists can help couples repair their relationship by providing support and a neutral perspective. Couple’s therapy can break the cycle of conflict and improve communication and listening skills. These new skills will allow you to cultivate a more connected and satisfying partnership.


Turning Leaf Women’s Therapy Group

We all have group experience. For most of us, our first group experience is our family of origin. Other group experiences include, class mates, work colleagues, and the families we create as adults. These group experiences effect and inform our relationships, even those we think of as individual. The ability to function in groups in a healthy and appropriate manner can improve our overall relational functioning capacity.

Group therapy can provide a safe place to work on issues with the support of mental health professionals, as well as, fellow group members. Group therapy can be just as beneficial as individual therapy and usually more economical. Group therapy allows members to share their unique experiences while at the same time realizing no one is alone, inevitably someone else in the group will be able to identify with your experience. It also offers a space to practice the new skills and coping mechanisms members will be learning. This group is ongoing and beginning members will have the opportunity to gain useful support and information from long term members as they model the skills and tools they have learned in this group. One day these new members will become the models themselves. Group therapy can truly enrich one’s life.

If you would like more information about the group please call me.


Caring for the emotional and mental health of your family is paramount. Every member of the family has the ability to build new skills which can improve the family’s overall capacity to function well. Family conflicts can include parenting issues, behavioral problems, and partner relationship struggles among others. Family therapy can help resolve conflicts and restore a healthy family dynamic by increasing the connection in the parent/child relationship, as well as, the parental unit. Therapy can help every member become more aware of the stressors and triggers which can upset the family harmony and introduce a repertoire of healthy and appropriate coping mechanisms.


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